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Do you want to look and feel better?

If you’ve found yourself here I’m guessing that answer is hell yes!!

I believe in a food-first philosophy that utilises the amazing healing properties of food.
In my clinical experience as a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I’ve realised the only way to get patients from chronic sickness to vibrant health is by formulating a unique treatment that uses all 3 facets of my training and education;

nutritional medicine

personal training

& psychology

I use:

  • tailored food plans that focus on nutrient density and filling nutritional gaps

  • practitioner-only supplements and

  • lifestyle interventions

    to achieve 360° wellness.

Can you help ME?

My clients most commonly see me for:

  • weight loss and obesity

  • digestive symptoms, syndromes and conditions like IBS

  • lifestyle diseases like diabetes type 2 and insulin resistance

  • adrenal insufficiency also known as ‘entrepreneurial’ burnout or referred to as “adrenal fatigue”

  • female hormone conditions including polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, perimenopause and menopause

  • auto-immune conditions like hashimotos thyroiditis and coeliac disease

  • pregnancy and postnatal

  • fertility and preconception care

  • food intolerances

  • acne and skin conditions like eczema

  • iron deficiency anaemia

  • hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

  • detoxification imbalances

Your happiness relies on your health. This is not some hippie stuff. This is the real deal.
Feeling truly connected to yourself begins with a physiological state of health.

That foundation comes from eating the right foods, for your body.

Where can I find you?

Home Clinic: 33 Iris St, French’s Forest, NSW


MOBILE CLINIC: Your place*

INSTAGRAM: @celltosoul

FACEBOOK: Cell To Soul

*Only a few health funds let you claim for a mobile clinic visit. Call your private health care provider to check if they do.

The good news is that if you have a policy with the following private health insurance companies, as of 1st July 2019 you are likely able to claim for every consultation with extras cover (of course check your level of cover with your provider);

  • APIA

  • AHM

  • Australian Regional Health Group

  • Australian Unity

  • CUA

  • GMF

  • GU Health

  • HBF

  • MediBank

  • Mildura Health Fund

  • NIB (AAMI & Suncorp)

  • Qantas Health Insurance

  • Queensland Country Health

  • Territory Health

  • Westfund

How do others feel about you?

"Dee is absolutely amazing! Since my first appointment with her 6 weeks ago, she has turned my life around instantly.."

Rebecca P

"My skin is glowing and I am full of energy thanks to Dee."

Sofia A

“Dee was so brilliant! She listened carefully and was very considered in her recommendations. She is so friendly and was very enthusiastic with her help. Would highly recommend.”

Kimberly O

“Dee Zibara is a good listener, she asks the right questions and approaches things like a working partnership.”

Joshua S


I want, for everyone, to experience
self-awareness and self-education.

It is the most powerful tool we could ever have.

I look forward to meeting you soon,  
Dee x


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