How Do I Get Rid of Flabby Arms?

There's a few things at play when it comes to “chicken wings” and “tuckshop arms” so I'll break it down as simply as possible - not to discount the complexity of the body or the individuality of each of you:

  1. Like the tummy, this is not an area we can 'spot-reduce'. We can't ONLY shrink the arms unless we're lowering overall body fat %. Compound exercises that engage the whole body help us do just that i.e. squat-press, weighted lunges and our beloved burpees. However, if you want to tighten the arms (and it's usually the triceps) I encourage you to master the tricep push-up and at every opportunity. Bring your elbows in tight to your body, hands underneath the shoulders, on the toes or knees - BOTH variations will work.

  2. When this is mostly skin - maybe you've done an amazing job of losing weight or maybe you fluctuate in weight a lot more in the top half of your body than the lower half and that skin gets a good stretch every now and then - dry body brushing is a fantastic option to get the blood flowing to that area and to correct and tighten the skin, repairing any slack or stretch. You can find a dry body brush from iHerb or a health food store and they look something like this ...
    Dry body brush BEFORE a sweaty workout session (which is also great for blood circulation) or BEFORE a shower at an alternative time in the day to your session. Just don't brush when you're wet.... it's a DRY body brush people.

  3. Flabby arms can also be the result of a body that doesn't detoxify used hormones very well. To keep this brief, this doesn't necessarily mean a hormone correcting protocol, it just means we need our liver and gut bacteria doing a great job of detoxifying hormones (otherwise they recirculate and build-up as old cobb-webby trouble-making chemicals creating body composition chaos!) Focus on adding bitter foods (olives, rocket and green or dandelion teas) and lots of vegetables to your daily diets - broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale are great for boosting liver function AND gut health.

Need more info? Email me or DM me on the Cell to Soul Instagram or Facebook Page

Dee x


Is There Such Thing As A Balanced Diet?


As a Nutritionist, when I think of a balanced diet I think of a pie where our 3 main macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) are roughly divided into 3 parts… 3 “pieces of the pie”. These macronutrient splits can be 33%/33%/33% but more often than not, they’re not.


What kind of macronutrient splits are there?
There is no one-size-fits all. If you’ve ever heard of the Keto diet (no favourites here), there are one-size-fits-a-lot BUT not all. There are also splits that work really well for a period of time when coupled with certain exercise.
What macronutrient split works best for you will depend on:

·      your goals (e.g. trying to achieve lean body mass or bulking)

·      your physical activity style (e.g. high volume and low intensity)

·      your preferences (e.g. a vegan or vegetarian) and

·      your lifestyle (e.g. busy mum of 3 kids, recovering from disease or illness etc.) but what shouldn’t change is the fact that all 3 are still present because they each play a vital role in your health and overall wellness.


A diet that is perfect for one human body can be poison to another. I make meal plans all day long for clients, and not once have I replicated a specific meal plan. This is because everyone is so unique. We have to remember we are one inter-connected and inter-related whole – a whole that is made up of 50 trillion cells; and everything our body does is the result of these cells talking to each other.

If you combine those hundreds of thousands of daily cellular processes, a specific diet and a specific lifestyle – you can see how we are all pretty damn unique.


I guess the better question to ask is not

What Is a Balanced Diet, but

What Diet Balances Me?


When you dig a little deeper into the 3 pieces of the pie though (your macronutrients), we have a very crucial differentiating factor – the game changer…. MICRONUTRIENTS. Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that drive the cellular processes.
Every muscle we make, every hormone we create, every calorie we burn has done so because of a cellular process. Like a boss will give you a task to complete and then provide you with the tools you need to complete that task, the body is told what needs to be made and is then given vitamins and minerals to help achieve that task.


So which micronutrients are most important?

Don’t hate me but the answer is IT DEPENDS. A balanced diet for you, is one that matches what YOU need. One that increases the hormone you were low in, deepens your restorative sleep or helps you burn fat effortlessly (hopefully all 3 right?). One where people turn to you and say, “Wow you’re in a good mood today”. One that makes you feel good in your soul.


How do I find out what micronutrients I need?

Testing can be really helpful. Speaking to a functional medicine practitioner like a Nutritionist, Naturopath will guide you to which options would be most beneficial to you without breaking the bank. If you have a bit of extra cash (EOFY means tax returns baby!) then I’d recommend the Organic Acids Test sometimes called the OAT.

However, working with someone who understands the body can save you loads of money because they’re trained to ask the right questions and find the right answers without necessarily needing testing done.


What’s the best advice you could implement today for better balance in your diet?

Hands down, the number one piece of advice I could give you….. eat more vegetables!!


But it’s expensive to ‘eat healthy’ isn’t it?

Here are 2 amazing tips that will save you bucket loads…

1.     Eat vegetables that are in-season – these are conveniently always the ones on special so Mum isn’t a tighta%#, she’s just been improving your gut health and she didn’t even know it.

2.     Eat organic if need be – check the EWG’s Dirty Dozen to know which foods MUST be organic and which foods don’t necessarily need to be Spend the extra few dollars on the ones that free of pesticides and herbicides and other nasty stuff that our body doesn’t have the tools to breakdown and houses it in stubborn fat cells.


Need to achieve more balance of find what diet will balance you best? Request an appointment by clicking here


Dee x

Health Is Not That Hard


I actually thing it’s a great thing when a client comes in for the first time and before they even get into the consult I can feel the resistance from them. I can already tell they just want to tell ME what they want to do (i.e. eat a certain number of calories), and just have someone else to blame if it doesn’t work. I know that sounds a little mean but it is so true.

They expect reaching their goals will be hard, and when I tell them it’s really not that difficult they don’t believe me.

Typically we’re usually wanting a strong, lean body that feels good to live in - am I right?!

What people have been told or what they Google is confusing and seems like it involves a hell of a lot of sacrifice.

If you get the right advice from someone who actually cares about how easy/hard certain changes are to implement into your life you won’t need to feel like your sacrificing all the good parts of life in order to look (or feel) a certain way!

I’m all about Minimum Effective Dosage (MED) and it comes from a long love of tanning. I’ll explain what I mean;

Being an Australian, Summertime = a TAN. So when I realised it only took me 30 mins per day of lying in the sun to avoid sunburn but achieve a significant amount of colour, I felt like I had unlocked the best method of achievement ever - and I’ve slotted it into every area of my life since.

THAT’S my magic formula with my clients. The ones who also realise that health is not that hard. They implement the MED across their diet, lifestyle, movement and self-work in order to completely change their lives without feeling like it was an overwhelming struggle. Once you identify the priorities, you need only rely on them in order to have a positive ripple effect on the rest of the body.

Luckily the body is one interconnected whole right?! If it weren’t so complex and interdependent not only would I not have a job but it WOULD make health a hell of a lot harder to achieve.

So if you feel like you’re currently pushing s#*& up a hill in order to reach your health goals… you know where to find me!

Dee x

What Is A Cell To Soul Approach?

KEEP Man Happy Work Office Desk Picture.jpeg

Here is THE FASTEST anatomy lesson you’ll ever have. This is how we are made up;


We are chemicals first - atoms and molecules.

Then CELLS. Groups of similar cells make up tissues. One or more types of tissues make up organs, and organs that work in the same production line and rely on each other make up an organ system like the endocrine system, the nervous system, the digestive system etc. 

The nervous system especially determines what kind of reactivity you have in situations and whether your default setting is having a positive or negative outlook on life. When things stress you out are you very reactive? Are you a Negative Nancy? Do you get defensive easily? Or are you usually cool, calm and collected?

If you’re working on changing yourself for the better, e.g. the way you handle situations (i.e. a workmate who constantly undermines you), how you perceive yourself - looking in the mirror with self-love or self-loathe, or how content and grateful you feel about being alive every day
- then can you see how depriving your CELLS of the nutrients they need to survive and thrive is going to make the changes you’re hoping to achieve incredibly difficult? There’s willpower and then there’s near impossibility. 

That is how "Cell to Soul" came about. Yes I am a sucker for alliteration but the concept of this is so strikingly straight-forward (see?) term is how I live my life, and how I encourage my clients and followers to transform their lives. In my opinion, your SOUL is the kind of energy you ooze every day and is all those things I just mentioned; how you handle emotion, your attitude and your relationships (especially with your relationship with you).

Health is not just a diet that makes you lose 5kg and feel better about waking up - it’s your ability to influence people, to alter perceptions, to smash your highest PBs, to become the reason someone else comes to work, to make marked impacts on your social and family communities and to give your children (whenever you decide to have them) the BEST damn genetic blue-print you possibly can, so that they can be everyday super heroes just like the best version of you is.

A Cell to Soul approach covers all bases and become as full-proof a plan as you can ever have, naturally. It's changing the micro parts of you and working on the bigger picture simultaneously so we can be better, happier people faster. Seems like a pretty bloody solid formula to me!


Dee x

Positive MVMT Interview

Here it is you guys!! 

Dee x

5 key food tips for health and fitness in 2018

May 23, 2018 • Activewear • Cell-to-Soul • Health-and-Fitness • Positive-MVMT

Here are 5 of the most popular questions being asked in the health and fitness industry right now answered by our guest, Dee Zibara - Founder of Cell to Soul.

Cell To Soul is the creation of Dee Zibara - a lover of hormones and biohacking ourselves to think happy. 

Food is always the first prescription - it’s incredibly underestimated and somewhere along the way, society forgot how to eat for health and now we just eat for taste or trend.

It’s especially important for us women to get it right since we’re usually the ones having bubbas and being Mums (an incredibly tough task!) Living a happy, full life is within arm’s reach but we just need to know what works for each of us.


1. What is the importance of fish and omega 3’s?

Fish is a rich source of Omega 3’s, and current research on the Standard Australian Diet (SAD) shows the intake of Omega 3’s are much lower than necessary. Omega 3’s are fatty acids that allow the brain to send it’s messages, bolster our immunity against sickness and the praise it’s been receiving of late is in regards to the ability of Omega 3’s to help improve mood disorders, ADHD and anxiety especially in children. It’s also helpful for pain and reducing inflammatory conditions. 

Fish is also a great source of protein which keeps us feeling fuller for longer. 


2. What effects does eating red meat have on us?

Red meat when it’s grass-fed and pasteurised is a good source of iron and B12 as well as protein. It’s important not to overdo red meat however, as there are other sources of plant based foods also high in these nutrients. In women, according to hormone guru Dr Sara Gottfried, red meat raises our bad oestrogens which is not good considering many women are oestrogen dominant. Overdoing red meat can also be quite inflammatory and put pressure on the heart by clogging arteries due to it’s high fat content. If the animal has eaten antibiotics and grains it’s whole life - steer clear. 

Try game meats for a change and don’t rely on typical cuts either - organ meats are much greater sources of nutrients!!


3. What is the difference between plant based proteins vs whey proteins?

Plant based proteins are commonly less allergenic and can range from hemp to pea to rice to sacha inchi (a Peruvian nut) - there’s HEAPS! Whey protein comes from dairy and is the part that separates itself from the cream when you eat yoghurt. A lot of people who are dairy intolerant should consider switching to a plant based protein, as it doesn’t aggravate the lining of our guts - which we really really need to stay in tact!


4. Why should we add healthy fats to our diet?

Healthy fats provide smooth signalling in our brains and are the ingredients for our hormones! Hormones aren’t just related to women on their monthlys though - our happy hormones, hunger and fullness hormones and our adventure hormones are all also made from healthy fats.


5. What are some natural food options for if we're low on energy?

Fruit in its “just-picked-from-the-tree” form is great for a short burst of natural energy - it provides us fruit sugar in the form of fructose which is quickly used as energy by the body. Foods and drinks that are fruit flavoured or have fruit as one of many ingredients don’t count!

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.11.17 PM.png

Love Learning About Nutrition & Wellness? Prefer to Watch Than Read? I've Got You Covered!

You haven't seen a blog post from me in the last few months, not because I don't love writing, or like prioritising it, but because I'm moving into (and really enjoying) a new medium of SHARING and LEARNING with you - VLOGS!

Reading advice is one thing, but when someone gets up close and personal and is talking straight to your face (with a screen in between) it becomes a lot more personal, and the person watching on the other end takes a lot more accountability of their own actions - or so I've found in my own experience.

IF you've missed my recent 25 - part video series on my Cell to Soul FB page, you MUST have a watch!! Not only does it save you time, I feel as though you'll be able to relate to it on a whole other level because you'll be getting the info straight from the horses mouth!

Yes... I'M the horse... :D

I also did a very topcial interview on the 5 KEY FOOD TIPS FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS which I'll post tomorrow - stuff people ALWAYS want to know about - with fashion fitness brand Positive Mvmt - these girls are making waves in the industry - you'll be obsessed their crops and activewear! PLUS you get 10% off on your first online order!

If you've already been watching my VLOGS I love you dearly! Your support means the world to me and I hope you've been some implementing the 25 Easy Health Tips I spoke about in my videos.


Until next time,

Dee x

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Fat and toxins - Part 2 continued...

Now that you've stitched up those pesky holes we discussed Part 1 ... 


a. Well-cooked vegetables - yes, cooking your food can drain the food of some heat sensitive nutrients BUT to be eating raw, crunchy or hard to digest foods (like meat) is a load on the tract you really don't need. Vegetables cooked and then COOLED will also give your body the extra fibre and starch your body needs. 


b. Glutamine - it's a pretty great supplement to strengthen the gut lining. Eat it in a powder form OR help your body produce it by building more muscle (Soeters, 1996.)

c. 100% Aloe Vera Juice - Think of what it does for the heat and irritation of sunburn - it soothes and cools the mucosal lining of the gut. 

Share these tips with you friends and keep the conversation going about nutrition and wellness.

P.S. Keep an eye out for video bites coming soon!

Dee x

Fat and toxins - the SIMPLIFIED version!


This post was inspired by a friend. A woman who works hard and trusts people. A woman who is trying her very best to focus on what's good for her health (heart, spirit AND body).

It's that last tier that she struggles with - BODY.

Her physical appearance is not a reflection of the behaviours she has NOW but she is living in the body of her past behvaiours. She doesn't eat too much or splash out or binge. She's eating mostly vegetables, some raw, some cooked. Worst of all she goes hard out to detoxify her body using juices and the like because she knows the rewards that will come of it...

Well, she can't lose weight and she


There's a few very IMPORTANT things at play here which is much more common than you could imagine;

1. Her body has accumulated a hell of a lot of crap over the years and it's living in her fat tissue, so when she either loses weight or tries to detoxify she is freeing all of that toxic waste at once.
Remember toxins live in fat, so imagine you're kicking them all out of their homes - they're going to be pretty bloody angry and wanting to get revenge...

2. Once it's available to be transported out of the body (pooped out!), it's still toxic and is waiting to be changed into a less toxic version of itself OR be swept away by a big brush called fibre. 
So imagine a troublesome drunk in a bar... he's either going to have to calm down or get carried out.

But here's the real issue...

Imagine watering your garden with a hose with holes in it... OR sliding down a water slide that had cracks (ouch)... OR (more fittingly) trying to run dirty water down a leaky sewerage pipe...

If the tunnel (your gut) is not solid, strong and lubricated, particles are going to escape. THAT'S how we need to think of our digestive tract because our intestines can be easily upset and become patchy and porous, and things that aren't meant to leak out along the way are doing exactly that! (Toxins included!!).
So if we imagine our toxins was that pesky drunk in the bar and you'd have a security guard (fibre) who is showing them the exit down a hallway - you're going to want to make sure there's no doors along the way...

If you sound like my dear friend, you could be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. Your "detox" must be gentle, and must only come AFTER you've blocked up the holes and dampened the heat from the irritation in your body....

How to do it? Stay tuned for Part 2...

Dee x

C-section? Strep? Antibiotics while pregnant? 1 thing you NEED for your baby's health

Baby Billie.jpg

If you've had any of the above during pregnancy or delivery, the 1 thing you'll need for your baby's health is strongly associated with their mental development, their ability to feed properly, and their tendency to develop health issues like asthma and skin conditions like eczema.


They come in powder form, so you can put it over your nipple before feeds if you breastfeed OR if you're bottle feeding you can simply mix it into their formula - but once it's cooled down as heat destroys it!... room temperature is OK. Personally, for our little bubba who is very happy, healthy and plump, we use BioCeuticals BabyBiotic. Sold in health food stores with the approval of a health practitioner onsite OR as a grab-and-go from their fridge (depending on where you shop) this essential supplement will help your bubba.

You could start from Day One (I'd say try a 1/4 of the recommended serving).

Why it's SO important if you've had a C-section, strep or any antibiotics while pregnant/during labour?

Our baby's need to be bathed in the bacterias of our netherlands on their way out. It's their first introduction to healthy bacterias that colonise on and inside their own bodies which they miss if you deliver through the abdomen or wipe out all bacterias when you're given antibiotics especially during labour. So once they're on the outside, you can give them their best chance of strong immunity with probiotics. 

*** There is now something called Microbiome seeding!! So if you're at all concerned about baby's immunity by not getting Mum's bacterias on the way out, and are having/planning to have a Caesarean, fear not and email me at for more info!!

Dee x

3 simple swaps for incredibly better health


Let's cut to the chase. You can't drink coca-cola (A.K.A. a cup of chemical sugar) and eat McDonalds and FEEL your best. Sure you might LOOK skinny - but you're undoubtedly adding to your risk of heart disease, diabetes, mood disorders as well as deteriorating your entire Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT) which lead to a whole other bunch of problems for your health. In my opinion, even if most of your diet didn't change, changing ONLY these 3 things would drastically improve your health AND help you shed the fat - promise! 

1. Red Meat & Chicken FOR Legumes

Organic  (even tinned...) chickpeas, beans (all kinds!), lentils, peanuts. They're GOOD sources of plant protein and full of fibre (so not only do they fill you up, they flush you out.) Farm animals are fed antibiotics every day and your body could really do without ingesting the antibiotics they consume over a lifetime. PLUS, even though farmers aren't "adding hormones" anymore, you're still eating something that produced it's own hormones which will alter yours when you consume it. If you're into vibrations and energy, you'll also notice you take on the energy of the animals that you eat - they lived lives remember that, and the parts of them you're consuming still hold their (often low) vibrating molecules that all living matter is made up of.  

2. Coffee FOR Kombucha

Beaming with live probiotics, if you were to swap your cup of Joe for a fresh cup of Kombucha, you'd notice you'll feel energetic without that anxious feeling. You'd also notice improved elimination (poo/wee!) and better hair, skin and nails which coffee tends to frizz up and dry out.

3. Boxed goods FOR Fresh Food

Obviously this covers nearly the rest of your food, but even swapping your SNACKS each day between main meals for a piece of fresh fruit or raw veggies (celery, cucumber, tomato, carrot) will give you so many more nutrients than a burnt out piece of cardboard ever could no matter what the ingredients i.e. muesli bars/crispbreads/biscuits.

These swaps are actually easy and $$$$ COST WISE are very similar. You'll even find swapping your red meat for legumes SAVES you money. Try it, and see for yourself!

Dee x

How I fell pregnant - don't underestimate the power of your plate.

Ok it's obvious how. But I mean really, HOW DID I DO IT?

I've spent the last 4 years (and longer as I was in the health industry as a Personal Trainer before my PCOS diagnosis), working on my own health by trying to regulate my own hormones. I just wanted ONE normal FRICKEN period that came around 4-5 weeks apart, and was PMS-FREE. Was that so hard?! - I wasn't asking for perfection!

So, I used myself as my greatest experiment, learning as much as I could through webinars and articles and then finally embarking on what will be my life's work as a Nutritionist. I LOVE learning and can never get enough. The science fascinates me because the body is a never-ending mystery where the more you dig, the more you find.

I found the formula I needed, and like a Mathematical equation, I applied specific food and well-researched supplements week by week to mimic what my female hormones SHOULD be doing to achieve overall "hormonal balance". On the 3rd month of my self-made protocol, my period (after finally becoming "regular" for me) fell away again... and I thought I had failed to balance them. So back to 2 or so periods a year and the drawing board...

But what really happened was that I fell pregnant - after years of being told it might be impossible.


(Look how cute this baby bump is!!)

So what's my message:

No-one is taught about the power of food when they're young. Become thirsty for the knowledge yourself and seek out the people who have it. It determines our destiny. It changes our genetics. I mean, I'm about to becomes someones MUMMY! 

If you're a skeptic, then I challenge you to eat vegetables only for 1 week and see what changes occur for you, and THEN I want to hear about it at 

Dee x 

'CAM'. What it means and why we need it.

I agree that conventional medicine has it's place in emergency treatment and for pregnant women (I don't know where I'd be right now without it) but hearing of so many women's stories about hormone dysfunction and the endless prescriptions (including the pill) they have been given is frustrating to say the least because you shouldn't have these issues in the first place! CAM - Complementary Alternative Medicine offers natural, effective solutions. 



You say...

  • I'm too tired to fit the gym in
  • I'm frazzled and can't concentrate without a coffee (or 4)
  • I wish I had her body (or hers, or hers, or hers) *after every girl that walks past
  • When I get my period, and I'm a Netflix-watching zombie 
  • I have so much I want to achieve in life, but 1 week a month (which totals 3 months of the year) IDGAF

Doc says...

  • Take THIS pill
  • Take THAT pill
  • Take THE pill

I say...

  • All these issues can be fixed by focusing on FOOD FIRST to reverse the collective group of symptoms above that are all related to hormonal imbalance. 

From my own experience with PCOS but my relentless pursuit of self-healing it clear the pill and other drugs is a lowbrow option as a preventative measure, and something must complement the health care system to PREVENT and hormonal illness and disease in the first place.

How I had hormonal health problems at 20 baffled me. I was a young, fit, athletic teen yet I was advised to be consuming things like Gatorade and muesli bars - hardly 'real' or 'wholefoods'.

I knew I had to professionally re-educate myself and found CAM/Functional medicine/Integrative Nutrition which is all the same thing. It's taken a long time and a hell of a lot of experience to get to where I am today and now that I have PROVED to myself I can get pregnant and heal my condition I'm 100% dedicated to helping the rest of the female population.

I like to focus particularly TEEN girls and women in their REPRODUCTIVE YEARS since they're at a critical time when it comes to getting these systems right once and for all so they might have children should they choose to in the future. 

Every woman deserves the chance to be a mum should they so choose, but in the meantime, they deserve to feel good every damn day.

Why you're so confused about how to get to good health and why it's not your fault!

How do you know if you're running yourself into more health problems especially when you think you're doing 'the right thing'? You've read so many articles and literature but you can tell you're still not getting it right...


Unless you're bothered to read a 5000 word article from top to bottom, chances are one sentence pulled from a published study is skewed for marketing purposes.

Over the last 50 odd years almost every study up until around the 1990s was done on men - which can't be generalised to women. We are an intricate design with changes in our hormones every single week!! Did you know that? 

If you didn't I don't blame you - especially because this body of research is not as public yet. 

For example, you might read "recent studies show coffee is good for you" that's great - but does that relate to you? How many coffees? Who were the people they studied? What age/race were they? Are you a true representation of the subjects in that study? People are reading these studies, taking this as gospel, but what's really important is asking ourselves the question:

Does this relate to my precise life circumstances?

The 18 subjects of the study you read might be forty-year old men showing a 1% increase in energy, but their claim about coffee is justified because 1% is more than 0%.

My tip?

READ the Abstracts of published journal articles (commonly referred to as 'studies' or even better 'peer reviewed' journal articles) particularly the method and results section so you know HOW the study was conducted and measured and on WHOM. 

The result?

  • More informed decision making
  • Less potential damage on your own body
  • The chance to help other women decipher the good from the garbage.

Dee x

How to pig out properly at Easter!

It's very easy to go overboard and feel unsatiated even thought you've demolished 14 medium eggs, 2 Lindt bunnies, 1 large Cadbury bunny and 3 MaltEaster bunnies isn't it? 

Look, I know. The holidays is you're green light to go crazy.



... So do it!


What? Nutritionists advising we actually pig out?!?! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Let's put a few controls in place so you can ACTUALLY pig out, after you've done just a smidge of damage control on Easter morning...

1. Drink loads of water

Down about 3-4 cups of water first thing in the morning when you wake up before you roll over and start chomping. At least give your organs a chance to be hydrated enough to get the chocolate through your digestive system.

2. Eat something savoury

Again, this is before you inhale that bunny. Ideally if you can eat something BITTER that's even better - rocket, olives, OR even, choose the darkest chocolate first (real cacao is actually quite bitter). This is to help your stomach juices break down that choccy as quickly as possible and get it out your poop shoot as best you can!

3. Eat ALL your chocolate before midnight

Get it done and out of your life! Throw it away or give it away when the clock strikes midnight because prolonging the effect of binging on sugar is going to do a lot more damage if you repeat it for a few extra days. So go all out on Easter and then move on by Easter Monday! (Or Tuesday if all self-discipline fails).


There you have it - a better way to enjoy your holiday binge. Just make sure it is accompanied with family, music, laughs and love!


Dee x

Why Being Pregnant Feels Like Being An Alien

If you’re like me, you like to wing things. You’ve always “winged it” in life because you always had an unwavering faith that deep down, no matter what happens, you WILL be OK. 

And more often than not, more than OK.

So I giggle to myself to think about the situation I’m in right now. I’m exactly 16 weeks pregnant and completely winging it through this pregnancy so far and it’s for a couple of reasons!


1. There’s a shitload of Information out there that will make it's way to you

A lot of people have a lot of opinions, and from family to doctors to midwives, I have certainly been delivered more than enough information that has been handed to me on a silver platter (or should I say in a large stack of catalogues/papers). I am grateful for these health professionals that I can place my trust in them to safely guide me through unknown territory, which is funny because up until now, I’ve always had a bit of a vendetta against GPs and the healthcare system (as a lot of Nutritionists seem to have to be honest). It's nice to see the other side of the system - the side that is proactive about health and wellbeing.

But I’m really not 'worried'. Yes, I’ve felt horribly nauseous and breathless for majority of this 16 weeks but I am really prepared to take each step as it comes with my partner and not worry too much about the future… because there’s that deep seeded knowing that everything will work out exactly how it’s meant to and not a touch different. 

That’s not to say I’m not stressed about getting everything ready in time especially financially, but ever since I’ve taken the passenger seat in my own body, I have been completely blown away by the wonder that is the human body, and it has put me at ease that my body has got it all under control... which brings me to the next reason...


2. The human body is the coolest engine that will ever exist

As if I wasn’t already obsessed enough with the body. I keep saying to people how awe-struck I am that I have never needed to TEACH my body how to grow a human and yet it is - how it can expand and loosen it’s muscles or how to stretch the organs in the body to prepare for something it’s not yet experienced - I mean, the human body is an incredibly delicate machine and how this baby can take what it needs from my body without me having to do much is unfathomable. 

So yes I feel very much like an alien in my own body - in the best way - (the same body I’ve always been so in tune with) and it’s an experience I wanted to share with you because it’s such a beautiful feeling!

Have you felt this sense of fascination in your pregnancy too? I’d really love to know from you mummas and mummas-to-be out there…

Please share your thoughts with me at

I would love to know if you’re feeling me on this topic!!


Dee x

Why school kids are the most important tool for the Health Revolution

Presenting at Narrabeen Sports High School, North Narrabeen

Presenting at Narrabeen Sports High School, North Narrabeen

If you've ever spoken at a school in front of a group of high school girls and boys, you'll realise how impressionable they are. If you know what type of information that would interest them (i.e. if you don't understand social media, forget it- they'll think you're an alien) and can intertwine your own message for them in an engaging way, they will remember one-liners and facts you mention for an entire lifetime. They may very well just make decision after decision based on that one thing that stuck with them for whatever reason. I've seen and experienced this time and time again, I know this was the case for me and look what my life's work has become....

So, this means if you're speaking with a group of high school teenagers or even one-on-one whether they be a friend, a younger brother or sister or one of your own:

a) You want to make damn sure you've given them accurate information


b) You'll realise how easily teenagers can be influenced.

Let's address a) first. 

If you don't know something for sure, DO NOT WIKIPEDIA/GOOGLE it PLEASE. If you were getting life saving surgery would you not get an expert opinion?! Of course you would. That means, when it comes to the health habits we have EVERY SINGLE DAY the passing comment you weren't actually sure about that you gave the open-minded, willing-to-try-anything-to-fit-in teenager could do a lot of harm. They're at an age where they don't talk to their parents most of the time, and rely on each other (other impressionable teens) for advice. The advice they take on board and execute might become a daily habit, and you would be none the wiser. Do your research or simply be honest if you don't know and while it's easier to trust the net than educated health practitioners these days at least get a few opinions from the experts to compare it to. To compare advice from a Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical Doctor is MUCH more effective than comparing it to Wikipedia, Google search results and a journalist's article (who has studied Journalism NOT Health). 

I realise this sounds quite commonsensical (but you'd be surprised) and sometimes we need a reminder and that's OK.

And b). 

Look at the evidence. Teenagers are easily led to believe that what their celebrity favourites are doing, consuming, wearing is the result of an organic appreciation and results, and NOT paid marketing fees that end up straight in their pocket to endorse said products/activities. Those of us with a bit more life experience know better (and you can try to explain this to a teenager but it's not a debate you'd usually win), and in fact realise 99% of what teens are buying is based on the deception of a good marketing campaign with a good script for the celebrity to deliver to camera and a big cheque for their morals to be somewhat compromised in order to be an ambassador for it. So I think it's safe to assume they are gullible until they learn life lessons the hard way.

Please don't let their health be one of them because there's no coming back from terminal illness or a lifetime of poor health choices. Let them dye their hair horrid colours, or buy stupidly expensive tech gadgets. Just please don't let them have coke or the whole block of chocolate, or too many drinks while they're underage IF you can help it. Don't give in to them if you have any patience left because they will associate winning with the reward of poor health choices, and will associate being fed up with enabling poor health choices to be made, just as you did - it goes both ways.

They will role model YOU. They'll watch you and want to emulate you, and the best gift you can give them in return for the flattery is to show them it's COOL to be healthy. They'll do it at home, at school, at work. Then all their friends will do it too. Then they will age... and they will still be doing many of the things they've always done because humans are creatures of habit.

The less poor choices they make --> the less damage they do to their bodies --> the less money they spend in their lifetime bouncing from doctor to specialist when it the damage is already done --> the less stress and strife as an adult with responsibilities --> the less pressure on the national healthcare system --> the more focus we can have on preventative medicine --> the more well-rounded, educated, confident, healthy individuals of the next generation --> the more productivity they generate for themselves and their businesses --> the more positive change for the planet... 

You can't blame people for what they don't know they don't know. So let's educate them, so they have no excuse. 

Dee x

The REAL reason why bread is bad for you

If you ask any Baby Boomer (i.e. your parents) about their opinion on bread (and even if you don't), they will tell you stories of their lives growing up on bread and feeling fit and strong and healthy. They will reminisce about sandwiches at lunch time and insist it is a ‘youth’ perspective problem rather than an issue with bread itself. In fact, the current trends you see about losing weight after going ‘grain-free’ are more likely a consequence of removing toxic ROUNDUP from their diet.


If you’ve ever heard of Stephanie Seneff, you’ll know exactly what I’m on about. For those of who aren’t familiar with her work, she has produced dozens of medical scientific journal articles on the herbicide Glyphosate which is commonly called RoundUp.


RoundUp kills unwanted weeds and crops that compromises the growth of deliberate weeds and crops. They are in competition with each other for soil and nutrients, and less bad growth equals more good growth for farmers. This effectively means more wheat to sell to big grocery chains and more money in their pocket to keep their businesses growing.


Fair enough I say. We all need money to survive. What the issue is here is the effects of RoundUp in the human body and how it interferes with nutrient absorption. Being a broad-spectrum herbicide its like the Terminator, killing most things in its path. For a chemical so strong to enter a body made of soft tissue and water you can imagine who wins the fight everytime. Stephanie Seneff’s work has made the connections clear between what is known as leaky gut syndrome (which is the trigger for so many issues from brain fog to fatigue to a pudgy waist) and the presence of RoundUp in one’s diet. For more information this article is a GREAT read:

This means that these grain free diets or diets where bread is omitted is usually a chance for the body to get as break from having to deal with this toxin, and becomes a gentle form of detoxing. This results in weight loss because toxins live in fat cells.


So, the baby boomer is right. If they were chowing down bread on the daily before the late 1970s which was around the time Monsato’s RoundUp product was used in most countries, they were probably just fine. Put simply, nowadays you’re picking up bread from the shelf but eating bread + RoundUp. It’s what has bound itself to the bread we are ingesting which is now the problem. Unfortunately it is beyond our control as the end consumer… The only real way we can vote is with our dollars. What are you spending your money on? Doctors appointments for gut, emotional and autoimmune issues, or organic bread?


The power is on your plate…


Dee x

Increasing productivity: What to do when you’re not getting through your to-do list

We all get to that point. We take on so much. Deadlines are fast-approaching and the bills are piling. You may be dreaming of escaping your stressful reality and wishing for a big getaway just to avoid dealing with your never-ending to-do lists.


The way out? 

A 2-4 day getaway somewhere surrounded by nature. 

Getaway : Camp Fire in Nature

Why 2-4 days?

It is the perfect amount of time away; not too little that you can’t really feel like its a time-out from your hectic schedule, but not too long that you get stuck in holiday mode. Holiday mode is great when you don’t have looming deadlines within the next month - but if you do you need to avoid spending too much time away from the projects you’re working on. That 'holiday mode’ not only usually means eating your body-weight in mood-wrecking foods but can also end up with work quickly piling up and waiting for you on your return. Holiday mode also makes you complacent, and similarly to muscles you don’t maintain, your go-getter attitude might wane at this critical time and take time you don’t have building it back up again when you return form your mini-getaway. 

But, it’s so important you feel refreshed. Don’t keep hitting your head against a brick wall trying to force yourself to keep pushing. The cortisol (stress hormone) you’re building from the frustration of not being able to complete a task or execute an idea will wreak the most havoc on your body and be severely counter-productive. Cortisol will cause poor concentration, feelings of fatigue and brain fog. Do you really want to execute plans in that state?


Why is it ideal that it’s in nature?

Nature allows the body to return to a state of calm and connectedness. Rocks, sand, soil, ocean, bush, grass - it’s all good. The cleaner the air the better, and more you can switch off from technology, the more you can regenerate and rejuvenate your mind and body. Stress melts away because of the physical and mental distance you’re creating, and we are blessed with the opportunity to remind ourselves that our life is what we have pieced together intentionally, and that we are larger than this moment, or this project, or whatever is consuming you. 

To maximise the healing affect of nature, getting your skin in contact with the ‘skin’ of the earth allows an exchange of electrons through the body known as ‘earthing’. It gives us the energetic charge we need to reduce inflammation in the body. So not only does nature provide us a mental recovery but also a very physical one. 


When you really let yourself unwind for that period of time, you’ll find you can come back feeling fresh, ready to tackle that list again. This time feeling recharged and more often than not with more inspiration. 

Dee x

The Benefits of Organic Groceries Without the High Cost

The best thing about the "age of information" that we live in today is that the health revolution is building independent, informed consumers who are not falling prey to the incredibly manipulative business marketing strategies that exist in every industry.

There are literally thousands of articles on health and the real foundation of making better health choices is choosing organic. Mind Body Green has LOADS of information about why organic is best.

What is GREAT is that I've found some shortcuts (as I always do) to maintaining health AND sticking to budget. So I've learnt how to be selective and if you're a bargain hunter too you'll really appreciate this!! 

Through a lot of research on Organic produce and Organic Farming it has become apparent that not everything you buy needs to be organic, and in fact buying some non-organic grocery items is just as good as purchasing organic - PLUS it saves you money.

Behold, the most beneficial shopping list for your health by the EWG (a multi-national nonprofit research organisation). Email us for a higher resolution version, print it off, and stick it in your wallet for a quick reference every time you shop. The LHS is foods to buy organic versions of as they've resulted in the highest number of toxic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, and the RHS are save options that have low levels of these nasties (so go ahead and choose the cheaper non-organic versions!) 

Source: EWG


Enjoy your improved health!

Dee x

External VS Internal Drugs


All drugs have primary effects which are the desired effects and all also have secondary effects which are unintended side effects also known as Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR).

Why does this matter to you? Each tablet or pill you take is considered an external drug i.e. a chemical that changes the functioning of cells from an external stimulus. Naprogesic, Panadol, the Pill or HRT - take a look at their listed ADRs. Is this worth the risk it entails? Doctors are meant to guide patients to help you make your decision (whether the benefits will outweigh the risk of the procedure) but they don't ever know for sure. The most common side effects are usually quite mild but there are also some LETHAL effects that can occur through use of prescribed drugs. Did you realise when a doctor suggested that sleeping pill that one of them is death? Have you ever really considered these risks until now?

Just like the horror stories we’ve all seen on TV, there are other complications with drugs. Drug errors can include the prescription of the wrong drug, the wrong dose, incorrect storage, outdated drug use and incorrect administration by the doctor. Not to mention confusion of patient resulting in patient error. This becomes a real problem if the patient is looked after by a caregiver/parent/guardian as the patient relies solely on these potential sources of human error with adherence to prescription.

It’s a dangerous game to play. Especially when teaming drugs that are not counterproductive to each other. Something else you’re taking may assist a new drug to absorb much more where it would intensify the effects for example. 

The ADRs of drugs are unpredictable and sometimes idiosyncratic which means an individual could develop a very unique and unexpected reaction. Whats worse is once the drug is washed out (out of your system), the treatments to manage side effects is either get you to try the drug again or switch to a different drug….

Do you want to be a crash test dummy? Because that IS what you could become. I’m not saying get off all carefully prescribed western medicine but what I am certainly saying is help yourself ween off that crap by supporting your body’s natural healing so you no longer need them as well as find yourself a GP who is informed and doesn’t prescribe drugs after meeting them 5 mins prior.

Deepak Chopra speaks a lot about endogenous chemicals (created from within the body, by the body) as being the best type of drugs… the dosage, dissemination and absorption is usually perfect. Nature knows itself best. Supporting endogenous chemical production is also a COST EFFECTIVE alternative - i.e. FREE!! How many expensive pills do you see your parents and grandparents on?! I’d rather them save that for their retirement….

Not only that, there any no side effects when the body creates its own chemicals. This is very important.

So, how can we assist our body to create its own drugs? Food therapy is the best therapy of which we have direct and almost complete control (we cannot control the soil or growth of crops). By choosing certain foods, they can act as precursors for the creation of desired chemicals in the body to either stimulate positive cell function that we are lacking or block negative cell function that is present. Thus, influence our behaviour, emotions, physical body or thoughts.

Dee x