The REAL reason why bread is bad for you

If you ask any Baby Boomer (i.e. your parents) about their opinion on bread (and even if you don't), they will tell you stories of their lives growing up on bread and feeling fit and strong and healthy. They will reminisce about sandwiches at lunch time and insist it is a ‘youth’ perspective problem rather than an issue with bread itself. In fact, the current trends you see about losing weight after going ‘grain-free’ are more likely a consequence of removing toxic ROUNDUP from their diet.


If you’ve ever heard of Stephanie Seneff, you’ll know exactly what I’m on about. For those of who aren’t familiar with her work, she has produced dozens of medical scientific journal articles on the herbicide Glyphosate which is commonly called RoundUp.


RoundUp kills unwanted weeds and crops that compromises the growth of deliberate weeds and crops. They are in competition with each other for soil and nutrients, and less bad growth equals more good growth for farmers. This effectively means more wheat to sell to big grocery chains and more money in their pocket to keep their businesses growing.


Fair enough I say. We all need money to survive. What the issue is here is the effects of RoundUp in the human body and how it interferes with nutrient absorption. Being a broad-spectrum herbicide its like the Terminator, killing most things in its path. For a chemical so strong to enter a body made of soft tissue and water you can imagine who wins the fight everytime. Stephanie Seneff’s work has made the connections clear between what is known as leaky gut syndrome (which is the trigger for so many issues from brain fog to fatigue to a pudgy waist) and the presence of RoundUp in one’s diet. For more information this article is a GREAT read:

This means that these grain free diets or diets where bread is omitted is usually a chance for the body to get as break from having to deal with this toxin, and becomes a gentle form of detoxing. This results in weight loss because toxins live in fat cells.


So, the baby boomer is right. If they were chowing down bread on the daily before the late 1970s which was around the time Monsato’s RoundUp product was used in most countries, they were probably just fine. Put simply, nowadays you’re picking up bread from the shelf but eating bread + RoundUp. It’s what has bound itself to the bread we are ingesting which is now the problem. Unfortunately it is beyond our control as the end consumer… The only real way we can vote is with our dollars. What are you spending your money on? Doctors appointments for gut, emotional and autoimmune issues, or organic bread?


The power is on your plate…


Dee x