Welcome to our virtual health clinic

Our founder Dee Zibara wishes to welcome you with open arms to our site. We are so happy to have you visit because your visit indicates you are thirsty for more knowledge. Whether it's more information on your own health, a family member or friends, or the wider female population within your community you can see suffering now more than ever before in history.

We do not wish to dwell on the negative so what we would rather do is educate all women of all ages out there about the lifecycle that goes on within their bodies every month. This permeates everything we do - how we feel, how we THINK (yes this is the science-y part that we love teaching!), and how we interact with others.

The human body is an incredibly powerful machine, and what is more breathtaking is experiencing ourselves and others unlocking the potential of the FEMALE body.

Strong feminine energy is a beautiful thing. It is even more beautiful in the presence of other feminine energy, and so perfectly complementary to our masculine counterparts. Striving for balance and harmony becomes effortless when the foundations we create for ourselves are built thoughtfully and intelligently. This self-awareness and self-education is rapidly becoming a norm in society (finally!) as we see more and more amazing women speaking out in the media about being a supermum, running a business, feeling fulfilled spiritually and/or religiously, and keeping herself feeling and looking her very best.

All this CAN be done... and nothing would bring me more happiness than to see you do it too.

It would be our pleasure help you.

Dee Zibara