Food for Mood


Now this might seem a little far fetched but did you know the food you eat directly influences your mood? Don't believe us? Google it - it's a thing!! You'll find articles upon articles about this idea, which is backed by science (as ALL our information is here at Cell to Soul is).

To give you a hand to help you smile, we've listed our top 5 GOOD FOOD = GOOD MOOD foods;

1. Organic 85%+ Dark Chocolate: The Cacao (raw, unprocessed version of Cocoa) lowers high cortisol (the "overstressed" hormone) and other chemical byproducts related to stress. 2 squares is enough and Green & Blacks Dark 85% is an easy one to pick up around the supermarket, otherwise health food stores have much better quality.

2. Sesame seeds: Full of tryptophan and if you're not a vegetarian you will also find this in large amounts in Turkey. Why tryptophan? Serotonin is a brain messenger that talks to the brain and gives us a relaxed sense of happiness. Tryptophan must be available in the body first in order to make Serotonin.

3. Pumpkin seeds: Again with the tryptophan but also high in magnesium which is required for over 300 chemical reactions in the body. A large handful of pumpkin seeds (pepitas) makes a really great snack between large meals if you need it (which you shouldn't - stay tuned for our next installment about snacking and why you shouldn't need to!)

4. Chia seeds: This teensy seed is so nutritious but we'll mention it's high fibre content here. The world we live in means we are polluted all day through our pores, so even if you eat clean, it's important to increase your fibre to get rid of the unavoidable toxic buildup in the body. With less toxins recirculating, your body can return to a more balanced, natural, HAPPY state on it's own.

5. Spinach: High in Iron which gives us a sense of strength - que Popeye's theme song. Ensure your spinach is consumed both raw and cooked (not necessarily in the same meal unless that makes you happy - who are we to judge?!) as you'll get different nutrient compilations with cooked vs uncooked versions.

Dee x