Snacking: What it means and why you shouldn't

Ladies if you're a snacker, there could be an issue...

When the body craves food between meals it's basically telling you that you haven't regulated your insulin well enough and your blood sugar is now too low to go without food until your next mealtime.

For some, this is not an issue, but for plenty of women, the imbalance of insulin poses quite a big issue. It can be the hormone that spirals all the others out of control and we do NOT like the idea of that!

To ensure the body is kept in its optimal balance, it is important to have meals high in PROTEIN. This could mean including 2 eggs for breakfast, chicken OR for my vegos out there tofu, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. You could add a few scoops of vegan protein to water to up your morning protein especially, as getting this ratio right earlier in the day gets the best results. My 3 shake favourites; 'NoWay' by ATP Science, 'Raw' fermented paleo protein by Amazonia & 'Body' Inner Beauty Powder by the Beauty Chef. 

           ATP Science

          ATP Science

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       The Beauty Chef

      The Beauty Chef


A meal high enough in protein should mean you last until the next mealtime, where you're starting to feel "peckish" and not "ravenous". This should mean about 4-6 hour breaks where water and herbal tea should be consumed.

The most important thing to take away here is to listen to your body. Wait the 4-6 hours and see how you REALLY feel. Is your brain expecting food or is it honestly time to fuel up again? Chances are, you don't need the snack, so try to stick to big meals particularly while you're healing the body.

Dee x