Would you eat your foundation?

The percentage of cancers and HORMONAL DISORDERS that are caused by toxic chemicals in our environment are GROSSLY underestimated. If you wouldn't eat your foundation for example, shouldn't we think twice about putting it on our skin....?

Of course we all know the basis of a chemical reaction, so mightn't it be true that the chemicals in your makeup (and other lotions and potions) are interfering with the chemicals in your body?

Did you know EVERY chemical you put on your skin is transdermal? This means it enters your bloodstream - you may think your skin is impenetrable nearly all molecules penetrate it to some degree. Your poor liver tried to metabolise all of it. So while you may "eat clean" you could still be facing fatty liver, leaky gut, and hormone imbalance symptoms like PMS, cramps, or even PCOS and Diabetes.

Endocrine disruptors (sometimes referred to as Xenoestrogens) is the name given to a large group of the potentially harmful chemicals we use in our makeup and body products. "Endocrine disruptor" simply means any foreign substance that disrupts the body's natural hormonal system (including the function of the thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, kidneys and ovaries - all of which has VITAL daily functions.

Click HERE is an amazing little BuzzFeed clip that sums up just a few of these endocrine disruptors and in which products you can find them. It's important we limit the amount of toxins we are exposed to every day to avoid toxic overload, so the next time you go to purchase a new lipstick from Mecca... maybe think first about where those chemicals will end up... and ESPECIALLY if you're pregnant... who they may also be affecting!!!

Dee x