5 Top Tips for staying healthy while travelling

Going on an overseas trip can be tough when you're trying to stay healthy and 'eat clean'.

Sleep gets disrupted, airlines feed us cardboard and we become exposed to pathogens, germs and radiation from the transit, especially in crowds of strangers.

We know you still have to LIVE in this world and you can't carry around snap lock bags of organic vegetables everywhere you go so let's be realistic. When on holiday we usually want to splurge and indulge - after all, it's your holiday!! PLUS don't you want to ENJOY it?! If you make ALL bad choices you will feel horrible :(

So let's get to the tips that will minimise the not-so-perfect health choices we all make when on vacation, giving us the best chance possible to maintain our health!!

1. Pack a vegan protein powder with pre and probiotics Specifically a powder that has as many servings left as you have days away so by the last day (when your suitcase overflows with new purchases) you have a teensy bit more room as they usually occupy a fair bit of space! On my most recent trip I took the Beauty Chef's Inner Body Powder. FYI the caffeine content is not suitable for everyday use for all people, and can reverse hormone balance so know WHEN to use it.

2. Bring Green powder tablets My go-to were my SevenPoint2 Greens Tablets. I took 4 a day. I'm so glad I had them with me because I felt like no matter how many sides of vegetables I asked for it was nowhere near how much I'd eat normally. It's hard when you're not choosing your own food so these come in so handy!!



3. Add sides of vegetables and eat them first Not only does this help with digestion but if you eat them last you might be full before you even get to them. Nothing is worse than trekking around another country with no fuel in the tank while feeling fatigued and tired. You want to make the MOST of your trip.

4. Take a filtered water bottle everywhere you go You never know where you'll be. To stay hydrated and avoid getting sick from foreign water, a water bottle with a filter (try Bobble water bottles available in selected Woolworths). The best thing about this tip? You save $$$$ on purchasing bottled water.

5. Read an uplifting book Chances are you'll be out of wifi/don't want to use international roaming data to entertain yourself/or have to pay a third party to access these normal services while waiting at airports and train stations, for cabs or for friends. So choosing a book that you feel 'grounds you' will not only be a reliable, free source of entertainment, it can also offer a small peaceful inner sanctuary if feeling flustered and overwhelmed by schedules, crowds and foreign cultures. I chose "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and picked it up whenever I could. Everytime I read it I felt a sense of calm, like it was home to me, and was able to really appreciate my time away and live in the moment.

Dee x