Thought Leadership - what it means and why it is so important.


I heard a really great term that I wanted to share with you all today. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

I love the idea that the word suggests thoughts have the ability to lead and create domino effects of goodness. This is SO TRUE. What we truly believe (and by "believe" I mean merely repeating a habitual thought so much so that it becomes and automatic thought) influences the decisions we make every single day and therefore the results we get. The thoughts we lead with are the beliefs engrained deep within us.

That's what businesses like us are. We are thought leaders - leading you to think better thoughts and consequently propel more action and more success for you. Cell to Soul have pooled together information we have heard, learnt, experienced and congregated into a schools of thought that have become a way of life that we encourage our client family to live out day to day. Finding leaders of thought in your world creates a road map for you to a new pattern of thinking and living, meaning a new pattern of results. The great thing about all of our plans is that by using a blueprint like ours, you'll notice all decisions in all areas of your life can progress you to one unified goal - and how fast would you attain that goal if that were the case!!

The fact that you read these blogs means you are a thought leader too. 

So if you know you are an influential person will you please do the world a favour and HELP THEM UNDERSTAND these concepts?! You may change a life... in fact you WILL change a life if you can change the habitual thoughts. It really IS your mind that leads the MATTER in your world. It starts with your thoughts. 

Some easy ways to be a thought leader;

1. Model a good lifestyle - have enough sleep, be active, try new things - your friends and family will follow

2. Lead in the kitchen - FOOD = MOOD (refer to our previous blog post on this!)

3. Share your positive thoughts - particularly in negative situations, and help people choose to notice what is GOOD about that situation as opposed to what is BAD, this quickly becomes a habit for all cirumstances

4. Deal with issues without emotion - a hot head cannot work through problems or think as logically as a sensible one. Breathe deeply until the emotion subsides and clarity returns, that way you can refer to your bigger goals and focus on long-term achievements rather than short-term fixes for problems. If you have anyone in your life who seems to kick goals constantly, it's not because they don't have problems, it's this strategy (which is contagious!)

5. Refer them to us - and let us help them help themselves. We do it because we love it


Dee x