When exercise can make you FAT - Part Two


What is the rest of the story? Continued from Part 1...

Women are MOST at risk because of our huge vulnerabilities when it comes to our hormonal balance. Once one hormone shoots up to any extremity, our entire hormonal cascade gets put off balance.

This could be a reason why you KILL it at work, KILL it in the gym but still hold a frustrating amount of stubborn fat even though you’re a seriously strong bitch underneath the fat. 

IF you’re a woman (men are usually a lot more resistant to hormonal imbalance lucky bastards), who turns up to knock out a cross-fit, HIIT class with a balanced hormonal profile - GREAT!! 

But if you’re not, you need to listen to your body and heal it before you can jump back on the bandwagon.

So fear not if you love vigorous exercise! You CAN have it in your life again, but only after a period of healing by choosing gentler forms of exercise along the lines of most forms of yoga (not bikram which is a whole other article in itself), pilates and walking. For how long, depends on how severe your cortisol issues are.

I tell my high cortisol health and wellbeing clients now to add up all the hours they spend each day under physical and emotional stress, and to match it with completely enjoyable, relaxing activities like meditation, reading, baths, cooking, walking, sitting in nature to counteract the extremity and reset their hormones to their baseline. 

It is the ONLY way to heal them, and sadly if you know this is you, and you still DON’T prioritise your health and healing, you WILL pay the price at some point. The NIH in 2009 released the BioCycle study that deserves WAY more attention that found untreated hormonal imbalances SEVERELY increase the main inflammatory diseases; i.e.

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • diabetes (and even the government recognises these are PREVENTABLE diseases)


You have one life and live in one body. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you end up in and out of the doctor 24/7 and the rest of your friends are retired and travelling or the holidays come around and your family comes to see you with your grandchildren...because then you’ll REALLY be missing out.

Dee x