External VS Internal Drugs


All drugs have primary effects which are the desired effects and all also have secondary effects which are unintended side effects also known as Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR).

Why does this matter to you? Each tablet or pill you take is considered an external drug i.e. a chemical that changes the functioning of cells from an external stimulus. Naprogesic, Panadol, the Pill or HRT - take a look at their listed ADRs. Is this worth the risk it entails? Doctors are meant to guide patients to help you make your decision (whether the benefits will outweigh the risk of the procedure) but they don't ever know for sure. The most common side effects are usually quite mild but there are also some LETHAL effects that can occur through use of prescribed drugs. Did you realise when a doctor suggested that sleeping pill that one of them is death? Have you ever really considered these risks until now?

Just like the horror stories we’ve all seen on TV, there are other complications with drugs. Drug errors can include the prescription of the wrong drug, the wrong dose, incorrect storage, outdated drug use and incorrect administration by the doctor. Not to mention confusion of patient resulting in patient error. This becomes a real problem if the patient is looked after by a caregiver/parent/guardian as the patient relies solely on these potential sources of human error with adherence to prescription.

It’s a dangerous game to play. Especially when teaming drugs that are not counterproductive to each other. Something else you’re taking may assist a new drug to absorb much more where it would intensify the effects for example. 

The ADRs of drugs are unpredictable and sometimes idiosyncratic which means an individual could develop a very unique and unexpected reaction. Whats worse is once the drug is washed out (out of your system), the treatments to manage side effects is either get you to try the drug again or switch to a different drug….

Do you want to be a crash test dummy? Because that IS what you could become. I’m not saying get off all carefully prescribed western medicine but what I am certainly saying is help yourself ween off that crap by supporting your body’s natural healing so you no longer need them as well as find yourself a GP who is informed and doesn’t prescribe drugs after meeting them 5 mins prior.

Deepak Chopra speaks a lot about endogenous chemicals (created from within the body, by the body) as being the best type of drugs… the dosage, dissemination and absorption is usually perfect. Nature knows itself best. Supporting endogenous chemical production is also a COST EFFECTIVE alternative - i.e. FREE!! How many expensive pills do you see your parents and grandparents on?! I’d rather them save that for their retirement….

Not only that, there any no side effects when the body creates its own chemicals. This is very important.

So, how can we assist our body to create its own drugs? Food therapy is the best therapy of which we have direct and almost complete control (we cannot control the soil or growth of crops). By choosing certain foods, they can act as precursors for the creation of desired chemicals in the body to either stimulate positive cell function that we are lacking or block negative cell function that is present. Thus, influence our behaviour, emotions, physical body or thoughts.

Dee x