Why you're so confused about how to get to good health and why it's not your fault!

How do you know if you're running yourself into more health problems especially when you think you're doing 'the right thing'? You've read so many articles and literature but you can tell you're still not getting it right...


Unless you're bothered to read a 5000 word article from top to bottom, chances are one sentence pulled from a published study is skewed for marketing purposes.

Over the last 50 odd years almost every study up until around the 1990s was done on men - which can't be generalised to women. We are an intricate design with changes in our hormones every single week!! Did you know that? 

If you didn't I don't blame you - especially because this body of research is not as public yet. 

For example, you might read "recent studies show coffee is good for you" that's great - but does that relate to you? How many coffees? Who were the people they studied? What age/race were they? Are you a true representation of the subjects in that study? People are reading these studies, taking this as gospel, but what's really important is asking ourselves the question:

Does this relate to my precise life circumstances?

The 18 subjects of the study you read might be forty-year old men showing a 1% increase in energy, but their claim about coffee is justified because 1% is more than 0%.

My tip?

READ the Abstracts of published journal articles (commonly referred to as 'studies' or even better 'peer reviewed' journal articles) particularly the method and results section so you know HOW the study was conducted and measured and on WHOM. 

The result?

  • More informed decision making
  • Less potential damage on your own body
  • The chance to help other women decipher the good from the garbage.

Dee x