'CAM'. What it means and why we need it.

I agree that conventional medicine has it's place in emergency treatment and for pregnant women (I don't know where I'd be right now without it) but hearing of so many women's stories about hormone dysfunction and the endless prescriptions (including the pill) they have been given is frustrating to say the least because you shouldn't have these issues in the first place! CAM - Complementary Alternative Medicine offers natural, effective solutions. 



You say...

  • I'm too tired to fit the gym in
  • I'm frazzled and can't concentrate without a coffee (or 4)
  • I wish I had her body (or hers, or hers, or hers) *after every girl that walks past
  • When I get my period, and I'm a Netflix-watching zombie 
  • I have so much I want to achieve in life, but 1 week a month (which totals 3 months of the year) IDGAF

Doc says...

  • Take THIS pill
  • Take THAT pill
  • Take THE pill

I say...

  • All these issues can be fixed by focusing on FOOD FIRST to reverse the collective group of symptoms above that are all related to hormonal imbalance. 

From my own experience with PCOS but my relentless pursuit of self-healing it clear the pill and other drugs is a lowbrow option as a preventative measure, and something must complement the health care system to PREVENT and hormonal illness and disease in the first place.

How I had hormonal health problems at 20 baffled me. I was a young, fit, athletic teen yet I was advised to be consuming things like Gatorade and muesli bars - hardly 'real' or 'wholefoods'.

I knew I had to professionally re-educate myself and found CAM/Functional medicine/Integrative Nutrition which is all the same thing. It's taken a long time and a hell of a lot of experience to get to where I am today and now that I have PROVED to myself I can get pregnant and heal my condition I'm 100% dedicated to helping the rest of the female population.

I like to focus particularly TEEN girls and women in their REPRODUCTIVE YEARS since they're at a critical time when it comes to getting these systems right once and for all so they might have children should they choose to in the future. 

Every woman deserves the chance to be a mum should they so choose, but in the meantime, they deserve to feel good every damn day.