How to pig out properly at Easter!

It's very easy to go overboard and feel unsatiated even thought you've demolished 14 medium eggs, 2 Lindt bunnies, 1 large Cadbury bunny and 3 MaltEaster bunnies isn't it? 

Look, I know. The holidays is you're green light to go crazy.



... So do it!


What? Nutritionists advising we actually pig out?!?! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Let's put a few controls in place so you can ACTUALLY pig out, after you've done just a smidge of damage control on Easter morning...

1. Drink loads of water

Down about 3-4 cups of water first thing in the morning when you wake up before you roll over and start chomping. At least give your organs a chance to be hydrated enough to get the chocolate through your digestive system.

2. Eat something savoury

Again, this is before you inhale that bunny. Ideally if you can eat something BITTER that's even better - rocket, olives, OR even, choose the darkest chocolate first (real cacao is actually quite bitter). This is to help your stomach juices break down that choccy as quickly as possible and get it out your poop shoot as best you can!

3. Eat ALL your chocolate before midnight

Get it done and out of your life! Throw it away or give it away when the clock strikes midnight because prolonging the effect of binging on sugar is going to do a lot more damage if you repeat it for a few extra days. So go all out on Easter and then move on by Easter Monday! (Or Tuesday if all self-discipline fails).


There you have it - a better way to enjoy your holiday binge. Just make sure it is accompanied with family, music, laughs and love!


Dee x