Health Is Not That Hard


I actually thing it’s a great thing when a client comes in for the first time and before they even get into the consult I can feel the resistance from them. I can already tell they just want to tell ME what they want to do (i.e. eat a certain number of calories), and just have someone else to blame if it doesn’t work. I know that sounds a little mean but it is so true.

They expect reaching their goals will be hard, and when I tell them it’s really not that difficult they don’t believe me.

Typically we’re usually wanting a strong, lean body that feels good to live in - am I right?!

What people have been told or what they Google is confusing and seems like it involves a hell of a lot of sacrifice.

If you get the right advice from someone who actually cares about how easy/hard certain changes are to implement into your life you won’t need to feel like your sacrificing all the good parts of life in order to look (or feel) a certain way!

I’m all about Minimum Effective Dosage (MED) and it comes from a long love of tanning. I’ll explain what I mean;

Being an Australian, Summertime = a TAN. So when I realised it only took me 30 mins per day of lying in the sun to avoid sunburn but achieve a significant amount of colour, I felt like I had unlocked the best method of achievement ever - and I’ve slotted it into every area of my life since.

THAT’S my magic formula with my clients. The ones who also realise that health is not that hard. They implement the MED across their diet, lifestyle, movement and self-work in order to completely change their lives without feeling like it was an overwhelming struggle. Once you identify the priorities, you need only rely on them in order to have a positive ripple effect on the rest of the body.

Luckily the body is one interconnected whole right?! If it weren’t so complex and interdependent not only would I not have a job but it WOULD make health a hell of a lot harder to achieve.

So if you feel like you’re currently pushing s#*& up a hill in order to reach your health goals… you know where to find me!

Dee x