How Do I Get Rid of Flabby Arms?

There's a few things at play when it comes to “chicken wings” and “tuckshop arms” so I'll break it down as simply as possible - not to discount the complexity of the body or the individuality of each of you:

  1. Like the tummy, this is not an area we can 'spot-reduce'. We can't ONLY shrink the arms unless we're lowering overall body fat %. Compound exercises that engage the whole body help us do just that i.e. squat-press, weighted lunges and our beloved burpees. However, if you want to tighten the arms (and it's usually the triceps) I encourage you to master the tricep push-up and at every opportunity. Bring your elbows in tight to your body, hands underneath the shoulders, on the toes or knees - BOTH variations will work.

  2. When this is mostly skin - maybe you've done an amazing job of losing weight or maybe you fluctuate in weight a lot more in the top half of your body than the lower half and that skin gets a good stretch every now and then - dry body brushing is a fantastic option to get the blood flowing to that area and to correct and tighten the skin, repairing any slack or stretch. You can find a dry body brush from iHerb or a health food store and they look something like this ...
    Dry body brush BEFORE a sweaty workout session (which is also great for blood circulation) or BEFORE a shower at an alternative time in the day to your session. Just don't brush when you're wet.... it's a DRY body brush people.

  3. Flabby arms can also be the result of a body that doesn't detoxify used hormones very well. To keep this brief, this doesn't necessarily mean a hormone correcting protocol, it just means we need our liver and gut bacteria doing a great job of detoxifying hormones (otherwise they recirculate and build-up as old cobb-webby trouble-making chemicals creating body composition chaos!) Focus on adding bitter foods (olives, rocket and green or dandelion teas) and lots of vegetables to your daily diets - broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale are great for boosting liver function AND gut health.

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Dee x