Fat and toxins - Part 2 continued...

Now that you've stitched up those pesky holes we discussed Part 1 ... 


a. Well-cooked vegetables - yes, cooking your food can drain the food of some heat sensitive nutrients BUT to be eating raw, crunchy or hard to digest foods (like meat) is a load on the tract you really don't need. Vegetables cooked and then COOLED will also give your body the extra fibre and starch your body needs. 


b. Glutamine - it's a pretty great supplement to strengthen the gut lining. Eat it in a powder form OR help your body produce it by building more muscle (Soeters, 1996.)

c. 100% Aloe Vera Juice - Think of what it does for the heat and irritation of sunburn - it soothes and cools the mucosal lining of the gut. 

Share these tips with you friends and keep the conversation going about nutrition and wellness.

P.S. Keep an eye out for video bites coming soon!

Dee x

Fat and toxins - the SIMPLIFIED version!


This post was inspired by a friend. A woman who works hard and trusts people. A woman who is trying her very best to focus on what's good for her health (heart, spirit AND body).

It's that last tier that she struggles with - BODY.

Her physical appearance is not a reflection of the behaviours she has NOW but she is living in the body of her past behvaiours. She doesn't eat too much or splash out or binge. She's eating mostly vegetables, some raw, some cooked. Worst of all she goes hard out to detoxify her body using juices and the like because she knows the rewards that will come of it...

Well, she can't lose weight and she


There's a few very IMPORTANT things at play here which is much more common than you could imagine;

1. Her body has accumulated a hell of a lot of crap over the years and it's living in her fat tissue, so when she either loses weight or tries to detoxify she is freeing all of that toxic waste at once.
Remember toxins live in fat, so imagine you're kicking them all out of their homes - they're going to be pretty bloody angry and wanting to get revenge...

2. Once it's available to be transported out of the body (pooped out!), it's still toxic and is waiting to be changed into a less toxic version of itself OR be swept away by a big brush called fibre. 
So imagine a troublesome drunk in a bar... he's either going to have to calm down or get carried out.

But here's the real issue...

Imagine watering your garden with a hose with holes in it... OR sliding down a water slide that had cracks (ouch)... OR (more fittingly) trying to run dirty water down a leaky sewerage pipe...

If the tunnel (your gut) is not solid, strong and lubricated, particles are going to escape. THAT'S how we need to think of our digestive tract because our intestines can be easily upset and become patchy and porous, and things that aren't meant to leak out along the way are doing exactly that! (Toxins included!!).
So if we imagine our toxins was that pesky drunk in the bar and you'd have a security guard (fibre) who is showing them the exit down a hallway - you're going to want to make sure there's no doors along the way...

If you sound like my dear friend, you could be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. Your "detox" must be gentle, and must only come AFTER you've blocked up the holes and dampened the heat from the irritation in your body....

How to do it? Stay tuned for Part 2...

Dee x