C-section? Strep? Antibiotics while pregnant? 1 thing you NEED for your baby's health

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If you've had any of the above during pregnancy or delivery, the 1 thing you'll need for your baby's health is strongly associated with their mental development, their ability to feed properly, and their tendency to develop health issues like asthma and skin conditions like eczema.


They come in powder form, so you can put it over your nipple before feeds if you breastfeed OR if you're bottle feeding you can simply mix it into their formula - but once it's cooled down as heat destroys it!... room temperature is OK. Personally, for our little bubba who is very happy, healthy and plump, we use BioCeuticals BabyBiotic. Sold in health food stores with the approval of a health practitioner onsite OR as a grab-and-go from their fridge (depending on where you shop) this essential supplement will help your bubba.

You could start from Day One (I'd say try a 1/4 of the recommended serving).

Why it's SO important if you've had a C-section, strep or any antibiotics while pregnant/during labour?

Our baby's need to be bathed in the bacterias of our netherlands on their way out. It's their first introduction to healthy bacterias that colonise on and inside their own bodies which they miss if you deliver through the abdomen or wipe out all bacterias when you're given antibiotics especially during labour. So once they're on the outside, you can give them their best chance of strong immunity with probiotics. 

*** There is now something called Microbiome seeding!! So if you're at all concerned about baby's immunity by not getting Mum's bacterias on the way out, and are having/planning to have a Caesarean, fear not and email me at for more info!!

Dee x