Increasing productivity: What to do when you’re not getting through your to-do list

We all get to that point. We take on so much. Deadlines are fast-approaching and the bills are piling. You may be dreaming of escaping your stressful reality and wishing for a big getaway just to avoid dealing with your never-ending to-do lists.


The way out? 

A 2-4 day getaway somewhere surrounded by nature. 

Getaway : Camp Fire in Nature

Why 2-4 days?

It is the perfect amount of time away; not too little that you can’t really feel like its a time-out from your hectic schedule, but not too long that you get stuck in holiday mode. Holiday mode is great when you don’t have looming deadlines within the next month - but if you do you need to avoid spending too much time away from the projects you’re working on. That 'holiday mode’ not only usually means eating your body-weight in mood-wrecking foods but can also end up with work quickly piling up and waiting for you on your return. Holiday mode also makes you complacent, and similarly to muscles you don’t maintain, your go-getter attitude might wane at this critical time and take time you don’t have building it back up again when you return form your mini-getaway. 

But, it’s so important you feel refreshed. Don’t keep hitting your head against a brick wall trying to force yourself to keep pushing. The cortisol (stress hormone) you’re building from the frustration of not being able to complete a task or execute an idea will wreak the most havoc on your body and be severely counter-productive. Cortisol will cause poor concentration, feelings of fatigue and brain fog. Do you really want to execute plans in that state?


Why is it ideal that it’s in nature?

Nature allows the body to return to a state of calm and connectedness. Rocks, sand, soil, ocean, bush, grass - it’s all good. The cleaner the air the better, and more you can switch off from technology, the more you can regenerate and rejuvenate your mind and body. Stress melts away because of the physical and mental distance you’re creating, and we are blessed with the opportunity to remind ourselves that our life is what we have pieced together intentionally, and that we are larger than this moment, or this project, or whatever is consuming you. 

To maximise the healing affect of nature, getting your skin in contact with the ‘skin’ of the earth allows an exchange of electrons through the body known as ‘earthing’. It gives us the energetic charge we need to reduce inflammation in the body. So not only does nature provide us a mental recovery but also a very physical one. 


When you really let yourself unwind for that period of time, you’ll find you can come back feeling fresh, ready to tackle that list again. This time feeling recharged and more often than not with more inspiration. 

Dee x