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The Benefits of Organic Groceries Without the High Cost

The best thing about the "age of information" that we live in today is that the health revolution is building independent, informed consumers who are not falling prey to the incredibly manipulative business marketing strategies that exist in every industry.

There are literally thousands of articles on health and the real foundation of making better health choices is choosing organic. Mind Body Green has LOADS of information about why organic is best.

What is GREAT is that I've found some shortcuts (as I always do) to maintaining health AND sticking to budget. So I've learnt how to be selective and if you're a bargain hunter too you'll really appreciate this!! 

Through a lot of research on Organic produce and Organic Farming it has become apparent that not everything you buy needs to be organic, and in fact buying some non-organic grocery items is just as good as purchasing organic - PLUS it saves you money.

Behold, the most beneficial shopping list for your health by the EWG (a multi-national nonprofit research organisation). Email us for a higher resolution version, print it off, and stick it in your wallet for a quick reference every time you shop. The LHS is foods to buy organic versions of as they've resulted in the highest number of toxic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, and the RHS are save options that have low levels of these nasties (so go ahead and choose the cheaper non-organic versions!) 

Source: EWG


Enjoy your improved health!

Dee x