Dee’s Teas


Why Dee’s Teas are ORGANIC:

  • When you infuse tea that’s not organic, water-soluble pesticides and herbicides are drawn into the water and impact your gut health!
  • 100% organic tea allows you to infuse the goodness of the plant without the adverse gut health affects and with peace of mind.

What I mean by FUNCTIONAL:

My functional tea range grew from a need to provide additional health support to the everyday person. Each tea serves a specific function i.e. to address a specific system. There are three major systems I have found through years of clinic that are overlooked and under-treated, but which have a huge impact on your wellbeing and wellness. Each tea specifically addresses each of these areas;

  • detoxification system – Detox Tea
  • nervous system – De-Stress Tea
  • endocrine system (hormonal and blood sugar regulation) – Dessert Tea

I’ve also added some additional research on the ingredients you’ll find in my functional tea blends.

My gift to you:
Finally, to show my gratitude for supporting me, I’d like to gift you free domestic EXPRESS shipping when you buy any 3 teas.

Stay well x

Dee Zibara
Founder, Dee's Teas
What are the benefits of drinking functional teas?

What are the benefits of drinking functional teas?

We can kick massive health goals using organic, functional teas - and it doesn't even feel hard to do!