Why Dee’s Teas are ORGANIC:

  • When you infuse tea that’s not organic, water-soluble pesticides and herbicides are drawn into the water and impact your gut health!
  • 100% organic tea allows you to infuse the goodness of the plant without the adverse gut health affects and with peace of mind.

What I mean by FUNCTIONAL:

My functional tea range grew from a need to provide additional health support to the everyday person. Each tea serves a specific function i.e. to address a specific system. There are three major systems I have found through years of clinic that are overlooked and under-treated, but which have a huge impact on your wellbeing and wellness. Each tea specifically addresses each of these areas;

  • detoxification system – Detox Tea
  • nervous system – De-Stress Tea
  • endocrine system (hormonal and blood sugar regulation) – Dessert Tea

I’ve also added some additional research on the ingredients you’ll find in my functional tea blends.

My gift to you:
Finally, to show my gratitude for supporting me, I’d like to gift you free domestic EXPRESS shipping when you buy any 3 teas.

Stay well x

Dee Zibara
Founder, Dee's Teas
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