What are the benefits of drinking functional teas?

I’m not sure if you can sense my excitement but the fact that I’m launching my organic and functional tea range is an understatement.

Long gone are the days of sipping on British teas for the sake of feeling like you’re on holiday in England, or even trying to feel warm with a hot cuppa in your hand… WELCOME to the era of functional teas.

The world had a huge realisation over the last decade or so.

We’re overwhelmed and time poor.

This means we realise how much more conscious we need to be about our health.

We’re realising if we can be mindful of upping the anti in each area of our life, we can kick massive health goals – and it doesn’t even feel hard to do!

Enter FUNCTIONAL teas.

They’re still yummy, but not loaded with sweeteners like we’re used to.

It’s catering to a world of health conscious babes who want to ensure they’re well and looking after themselves at any time of day – whether it’s their delicious organic meal, their filtered stainless-steel bottled water OR on their tea break.

What’s a functional tea?

A functional tea is blend of herbs and plants with the intention that, when brewed in hot water, will be brimming with health benefits for the tea drinker. 

These health benefits of functional teas include:

  • more efficient digestion
  • deeper sleep
  • improved mood
  • clearer skin
  • enhanced detoxification
  • sharper memory
  • better blood sugar balance
  • happier hormonal balance
  • reduced stress, nervousness and tension

with additional benefits of aiding weight management.

The best thing about them is there are no harmful side effects.

It’s an adjunct to an already conscious lifestyle, using nature’s elements for next level health. 

That’s the beauty of using nature to help us heal. 

Stay well

Dee Zibara

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