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Alex's testimonial....  Bla  Bla  Bla


After my first consultation with Cell to Soul, I was so sure I had made the right choice. 

Dee's warmth, understanding and positive attitude reassured me that I was in safe hands. 

Full of energy and endless knowledge, there was a solution for everything. This expanded to a multitude of areas in my life. She has transformed my mind, body and soul and emphasised how they are all interconnected. Through this process, I have been able to achieve all my goals both in my physical and hormonal health.

I loved Dee's natural medicine approach, my body responded so quickly to it. Rather than rely on prescription medicine, she taught me to use food to heal my body and how it is the only thing we need to achieve optimal health. 

I have definitely been transformed from cell to soul!




Dee has taught me so much over the years. It's about time she has opened a clinic!! She takes great care in her clients - I see her do it all the time. Lucky for me, I've been able to pick her brains over time and am so much healthier for it. Being a flight attendant is tough enough on the body already so the last thing I want to do is listen to western medical doctors telling me to use this pill and that cream. The natural remedies Dee has guided me towards that are rooted in my food choice have altered not only my physical health but my emotional state.

She is also a natural pep talker, who doesn't only give direction but provides a comprehensive "HOW TO". She makes it easy to succeed.



I have been an expert on transforming women's skin for years after becoming a Registered Nurse. I am so passionate about what I do and how I can always bring the highest quality and most cutting-edge research to my beauty clinic. I seek out overachievers because I am one myself. That is why I put my trust in Dee and Cell to Soul. She is a reflection of what I strive for as an entrepreneurial woman. She would never rest until a client's issues are addressed and I believe that is what will make her a huge success.
I cannot recommend her enough.


When I was diagnosed with PCOS, the doctor gave me Diabetes tablets (Diabex), the strongest form of the Pill and nerve pain medication. They made me feel sick every day. I hated it. Then my sister (whose health issues I shared) forced me to change my lifestyle, and it worked! I'm now off all the medications. 

I wanted to improve my energy, bring on my period (which has been absent for 4 months), lose weight and feel better as a whole! She was extremely helpful in eating plans, what the food does for your body, portion control as well as coping mechanisms for daily stress, with meditation and exercises... 3 weeks later and my period regulated, (without much pain I have to add), I felt so much more energetic, and to top it all off, I lost 4.6 kilos (without even going to the gym)!!! I've officially changed my lifestyle, and I'm never going back. It was definitely hard to start off with, I won't lie, I craved chocolate almost every day, but it started to become second nature and I couldn't imagine eating the food I used to consume daily! I went from a fast food junkie, to an organic Masterchef! I honestly can't thank Dee enough... I feel the way I'm supposed to feel, which is a confident and fearless woman! 


Amy Rice

I had a great experience during the program, I was away from home for study so that made sticking to my eating guidelines much easier. Giving up coffee for me was a big thing, but I did (even when I thought i really needed one). It's made me realise that I can go without it and I have more strength than I thought, I did have weak moments (a bit of chocolate here and a vodka soda on occasion) but my choices are better. When sticking to it, I feel my mental outlook on reaching my goals is better, I am better equipped to reach them knowing its not a fast fix but I am in the right direction.